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Development blog for the student game project "Full Moon Manor"


Producer: Anders Howard
Art Director: Debbie Colon
Lead Game Designer: Josh Kulinski
Level Designer: Lee Farrell
Lead Programmer: Jeff Aydelotte
Programmer: Jordan Misiura
3D Artist: Ju Hyun Oh
Animator: Courtney Parks
Animator: Terri Archibald
Junior Programmer: Dustin Hyde
Effects: Sang Han
Music and SFX: Ian Buczkowski


23 July 10

For posterity, here’s a more up to date video from our audio guy (Ian)…although it looks like Snickers’ shader and possession effect broke in this particular build :-/

9 August 09

Team Down for Maintenance Update - Summer 2009

Hello visitors, I feel it necessary at this point to give an update as to the fate of team Down for Maintenance.

Half of the team graduated from our school last quarter, causing development on the game to slow massively. The biggest development we have made recently is that we decided at the last minute to change the level building pipeline in order to solve a slowdown problem we were having that made the game nearly unplayable. The good news is that this trick worked and the levels now run silky-smooth and as an added bonus, are split up into smaller modular assets that we can quickly build more levels with.

The other large bit of news is that the majority of the FMM core team was picked up by Facebook games developer The Broth here in San Francisco. They seemed impressed with our project, and even more impressed with the way our team gelled together very well. Six members of the team are now working together at The Broth(with more possibly coming on soon), and we feel very lucky to be able to continue working with one another! We look forward to expanding The Broth’s games and incorporating as much of our unique flavor into our future games as possible.

What does this mean for the future of FMM? As of now our plans are just to polish up the demo to have an increasingly good-looking project on our demo reels, and hopefully release the game to the public in one form or another.

Stay tuned for updated media of the latest build, and thanks for checking out our project!

-Anders H.

14 May 09

Hello our faithful internet fans ! Today I am posting a veritable smorgasboard of Full Moon Manor media in time for IndieCade. (Keep in mind this is all barely-beta media)

Right now we are busy pecking away at the little elements that make the game - the broad strokes are in place, but its the small things that are taking a huge amount of time.

We are getting closer and closer to a release, and also a “real” website is in the pipeline.


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21 March 09

The Music of FMM

Hey there, Anders here. The FMM team is all geared up and ready to go to GDC, I have the build in my hot little hands (weird expression, I will avoid it in the future). I will post video of the build in a couple of days.

But to keep the interest going among our fans (all 8 of you), today I would like to share our progress on some of the music being made for Full Moon Manor because we’re super mega excited about the new music coming out. As Josh (Kulinski, Lead Designer) said, “now I have to make my models better to do justice to the music !”

Backstory: Josh works with our Musician, Ian Buczkowski at their day job and got Ian all excited about FMM by rambling on about how great it is day after day (I assume this is how it happened). Ian it turns out is a Berklee trained musician and signed up to do our music and sound effects.

Since then Ian has churned out some very professional music for us and dealt with our noobish requests at how the music should sound: “Castlevania crossed with Castlecrashers!”  “Horror/ Fantasy / Electronic !”

In the process some very good music that didn’t quite fit the feel we were aiming for was created, but I’d like to share a couple of Ian’s latest FMM themes with you today. Keep in mind these are still works in progress:

FMM Theme 1: Slower, Intense. Perhaps for boss or menu music.

FMM Theme 2: Up tempo, with more electronic elements. Bingo! Level music!

We’ve been listening to these tunes non-stop because we’re so in love with them =) I have high hopes for even more awesome music in the future. Thanks Ian !


15 March 09


So the ScreenBurn competition has come and gone, and sadly we did not win. Anders and Debbie both did a great job, but Sloppy Ice came out and top (congratulations to Gwen and her team).

We want to thank everyone who supported us leading up to the contest.

I enjoyed preparing for the competition, but I’m glad that it’s over so that we can go back to focusing on developing the game. It’s coming along really nicely.


12 March 09

Full Moon Manor Levels Up

Ding ! Full Moon Manor is now a finalist in the SXSW Game Design Competition.

As for the game itself, Jeff is hacking like mad to get a playable demo in time for SXSW and GDC. Stay tuned for more updates and screenshots.


4 March 09

Cage imports

Jeff here

I’ve been working on getting the cages loaded in, and they’re looking pretty good.

Right now you can’t see the back of Mars’ or Velvet’s cages because they’re just polygon planes with a texture. That should be pretty easy to fix by flipping some normals.

Snicker’s cage presents a slightly more difficult challenge because it’s a rotating sphere. Right now I faked the back of the cage by using a second sphere, but later I might create a shader that does double sided rendering so that we can see the back of the sphere.

Posted: 7:43 PM
Snickers’ cage loaded AND ANIMATED.

Snickers’ cage loaded AND ANIMATED.

Posted: 7:41 PM
Mars’ cage looking jazzy

Mars’ cage looking jazzy

Posted: 7:40 PM
Velvet’s cage loaded in.

Velvet’s cage loaded in.

3 March 09
All 3 spooks (with errors)

All 3 spooks (with errors)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh